eWellness: Tips for a safe Holi


Dr KK Aggarwal    01 March 2018

  1. Green and bluish green chemicals contain malachite green, which can be toxic to the eyes. Auramine, methyl violet, rhodamine and orange II are all phototoxic colors and can damage the skin.
  2. Mica in Holi colors can damage the skin.
  3. Instead of chemical dyes, one should use floral dyes. Flowers like Marigold, China rose, Butterfly Pea, Flame of the Forest etc. are used for the extraction of colors.
  4. ‘Bhang’ or cannabis can precipitate acute abnormal mental behavior and psychosis. In the susceptible individuals, it can increase the heart rate and blood pressure. Pre treatment with a beta blocker can take away the bad effects of bhang.
  5. Alcohol can impair judgment and make prone to accidents.
  6. Balloons can cause blunt injuries to the eyes and precipitate head injuries.
  7. Beware of date rape drugs. Do not play Holi with strangers.
  8. Do not throw color at sensitive parts of the body, such as eyes. If color enters the eye, immediately wash it with a lot of water. If irritation persists, medical aid should be sought immediately.

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