Gastrointestinal transit scintigraphy in chronic constipation evaluation in pediatric age.


eMediNexus    14 March 2018

The aim of a recent study published in Revista Espanola de Medicina Nuclear e Imagen Molecular was to demonstrate the usefulness of gastrointestinal transit scintigraphy in pediatric patients with chronic constipation, and the advantages with respect to other imaging techniques. This study evaluated five patients with chronic constipation refractory to treatment. It was observed that all patients exhibited altered scintigraphy study, while four had normal radiological tests. Radioisotopic study changed diagnosis in two of these patients. Moreover, a discordance was noted between normal radiological tests and abnormal rectal biopsy. Contrastingly, one of the patients showed concordance between each imaging modality. Whereas the results of the test led to a change in therapeutic management in two cases. The findings confirmed results from previously published data which suggest that scintigraphy study is a reproducible and accurate method. It was stated that this technique provides physiological, quantitative and useful information in the study of constipation, since it facilitates a unique exploration that allows both global and regional gastrointestinal transit time determination.

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