I referred a patient to a specialist and he criticized my treatment plan to the patient.


Dr KK Aggarwal and Ms Ira Gupta    16 March 2018

This is not allowed under MCI Code of Medical Ethics Regulations 4.2, 4.3, 4.4.

“4.2 Conduct in consultation: In consultations, no insincerity, rivalry or envy should be indulged in. All due respect should be observed towards the physician in-charge of the case and no statement or remark be made, which would impair the confidence reposed in him. For this purpose no discussion should be carried on in the presence of the patient or his representatives.

4.3 Consultant not to take charge of the case: When a physician has been called for consultation, the Consultant should normally not take charge of the case, especially on the solicitation of the patient or friends. The Consultant shall not criticise the referring physician. He/she shall discuss the diagnosis treatment plan with the referring physician.

4.4 Appointment of substitute: Whenever a physician requests another physician to attend his patients during his temporary absence from his practice, professional courtesy requires the acceptance of such appointment only when he has the capacity to discharge the additional responsibility along with his/her other duties. The physician acting under such an appointment should give the utmost consideration to the interests and reputation of the absent physician and all such patients should be restored to the care of the latter upon his/her return.”


  1. The referring doctor must be respected.
  2. The referring doctor must not be criticized.
  3. The Substitute or Consulting Physician should not take over the case.

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