Few hours participation in Mahapanchayat, on 25th , can make the Indian Medical Profession strongest in the World


Dr KK Aggarwal    19 March 2018

From the desk of Dr KK Aggarwal

Immediate Past National President, IMA


Dear Medical Leader

On 25th March Indian Medical Association is organising a Mahapanchayat at Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi, 10 am to 2PM on issues ailing the medical profession with focus on NMC.

Every movement must be bigger than the last. All those who joined physically the Dilli Chalo movement on 6th June last year must repeat their presence but this time with one more additional friend with you.

It’s a medical profession Mahapanchayat, so you can bring a Non- IMA member or even a non-medical friend to participate.

Such opportunities do not happen every day. Its time to show our strength to the whole world. We, the doctors collectively, see and can influence over two crore patients every month. Collectively on 25th we will show that we can influence the government policies also and turn them community friendly.

Most government policies today are directed towards penal provisions for the doctors as if we are criminals. None of the polices are made to protect us. Even a simple demand for the central act against violence the government has not implemented.

We agree doctors should not be on roads and therefore we are continuing our efforts the non-violence way. But But But, if the Government still continues to be anti-doctor’s and anti-community, IMA will be forced to adopt a ……………….way.

DMA is the host of the event. The movement at Delhi level is coordinated by Dr Vijay Malhotra President along with Dr Ashwani Goyal incoming President and Dr Girish Tyagi incoming President Elect.

Dr Ravi Wankhedkar National President IMA along with Team National IMA is leading from the front. All the IMA- Federation of Medical Associations of India have already pledged their support to this movement.

Cancel all the appointments on 25th. Just join the mass movement.

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