Draft salient decisions taken by the IMA Central Working Committee


Dr KK Aggarwal    01 October 2017

At its recently convened 218th meeting held on September 23-24, 2017, New Delhi, the Central Working Committee of IMA took some salient decisions on various issues pertaining to the medical profession and the Association.Part 1 of the draft salient decisions is as below:• While paying rich tributes to Dr VCV Pillai, Past National President IMA, who passed away on August 1, 2017, the following resolutions were passed by the House as a mark of respect to the departed soul:o All National Past Presidents of IMA shall be given National Honor after their soul leaves their physical body.o IMA Flag to fly at half-mast from the day of demise till the day of last rites.o All members of IMA to observe 2-minute silence at the time of last rites of departed National Presidentso Dr VCV Pillai Memorial Annual Address shall be delivered at the ensuing Installation ceremony on 28th December, 2017 at Mumbai, Maharashtra as a part of the IMA Foundation Dayo IMA has launched a National Program Physicians health first, in the memory of Dr VCV Pillai. And, the period 30th July to 5th September every year shall be observed as a period for medical check-ups of all IMA members.• The matter related to acceptance of IMA demands by the Government was discussed at length. After discussions and deliberations, it was decided that all State Branches of IMA shall observe Dawn to Dusk Fast from 6am to 6 pm on October 2, 2017 at a prominent location in their area, in a non- violent structured manner, preferably in front/near a statute of Mahatma Gandhi or his photograph. All local branches shall organize:o Special General Body Meetings in accordance with their constitutional quorum at the above designated place any time during 2nd October, 2017.o Shall pass the following resolution and post and email that resolution along with a letter to Honble Prime Minister of India (Letter template will be finalized and sent to the States and local Branches by IMA HQs. soon) with a copy to Chief Minister of their respective State/Local Administrative Head: Resolution All ______ (Number of members of your Branch) doctors of ______ (Branch name) of ______ (State name) hereby resolved on 2nd October, 2017 that the time has come for the Honble Prime Minister of India to intervene to resolve the following issues faced by the medical professionals in the community effecting the community health on priority:1. Central Act to tackle violence against medical profession2. De-linking penal provisions against doctors for minor clerical errors in act like PCPNDT etc. 3. Timely amendments in agreed changes in Clinical Establishments Act and PC PNDT Act4. Capping of compensation in cases of medical negligence5. Withdrawal of National Medical Council Bill & EXIT proposal (NEXT) • All state and local branches are directed to make an official email ID starting with ima. followed by State / Branch name. The password credentials of the same should be shared between the President and Honorary Secretary of the State/local branch with a copy to IMA Headquarters. The mobile number linked to this email id shall be that of the Secretary of the State / local branch. This official email ID of the branch shall not change with the change of office bearers. The official IDs of IMA Headquarters are np@ima-india.org and hsg@ima-india.org.• Any official WhatsApp Groups of IMA Wings / Schemes / State / Local Branches can be created by the respective Honorary Secretary as the Group Admin having the name of the respective IMA Wing / Scheme / State / Local Branch only on the approval of the IMA HQs. Only such groups can use the patented IMA logo and include the IMA word in their names.• All state and local branches shall use the patented IMA Logo to be made available on the website of IMA with only the specified color, design and specifications.• Only IMA HQs can appoint Professors as per the laid down policy in this regard. No Wing / Scheme / Branch can appoint IMA Professors.• All IMA Wings / Schemes / State / Local Branches can organize IMA CMEs only as per laid down policy by IMA HQs. Accreditation Council and IMA credit hours shall be issued only by IMA head-quarters. The charges for the same are available in the IMA Accreditation Policy as available on the website of IMA.• IMA HEAD QUARTERS shall start a new journal by the name IMA Journal, which will be the mouthpiece of IMA. The first issue of the same shall be inaugurated at the ensuing 76th meeting of the Central Council of IMA and NATCON-2017. The online version of the same shall be managed by IMA HQs.• Starting from December 2017, the IMA News shall run into 100 pages. All State Branches of IMA shall be allotted 2 pages in all the issues, in which they shall cover all the important news and information about their activities and schemes etc. since the last issue.• Publication of JIMA, the official Journal of the Indian Medical Associationo It was decided that the IMA JIMA Outsourcing Committee will continue to explore its options to outsource JIMA.o For the next 3 months, JIMA will continue to be printed and published at Kolkata under direct supervision of Hony Secretary General & Hony Finance Secretary of IMA HQs. o The Editorial Board will be under the direct supervision of National President, Honorary Secretary General, Honorary Finance Secretary and following five members nominated by the National President, namely National President (Elect), Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, Past National Presidents, Dr Vinay Aggarwal, Dr Ajay Kumar, Dr Sudipto Roy & Dr A Marthanda Pillai.o A minimum of 10,000 copies of good quality of JIMA shall be printed by the JIMA office at Kolkata during this period of 3 months and rest of the circulation will depend on the money raised by JIMA for each month of publication JIMA.o No funds to be provided by IMA for the same and no Investments to be utilized either.o As regards the excess of expenditure over income by JIMA office for publication of the last few issues of the publication, internal audit of JIMA accounts will be done by IMA HQs which shall ascertain and submit its report as to how JIMA has published 1.5 lakh copies with an excess of expenditure over its income. The loss will not be incurred by headquarters.o Online version of JIMA will be managed by IMA Kerala State Branch. JIMA office to provide them necessary softcopies in open formats for every issue well within time and also the JIMA website credentials for uploading and maintaining the JIMA issues.• IMA Headquarters to investigate the existence of the IMA e-Varsity. If the same is found to be prevalent, procedures to be initiated by the IMA HQs. to merge the same with IMA Headquarters.• Honorary Director, IMA AKN Sinha Institute for the year 2017-2018, Dr Rajan Sharma shall get in touch with the concerned office bearers of all the Wings and schemes of IMA and proposes the modalities of a package system for members desirous of subscribing to all the Wings and schemes IMA in one go. The same to be completed and submitted to the IMA HQs office before the ensuing 76th meeting of the Central Council of IMA so that the same can be placed before it for necessary ratification.• In order to promote the various IMA Wings and schemes, it was approved that all candidates contesting Elections to various posts of IMA HQs and its Wings as per the Memorandum, Rules and Bye-Laws of the Association, must be a member of all the schemes and relevant Wings of IMA in addition to the existing pre-requisites for the relevant posts. Necessary additions be made in the Memorandum, Rules and Bye-Laws of the Indian Medical Association accordingly. This shall be made applicable from the next Elections of IMA HQs and its Wings. • IMA HQs to investigate the complaint of a CWC member on the floor of the House, during the recently convened 218th meeting of the CWC regarding the running of two parallel IMA CGP Faculties / Sub Faculties in the city of Hyderabad, Telangana. The IMA HQs has been authorized to take necessary action as required in this regard.• All wings of IMA as included in the Memorandum, Rules and Bye-Laws of IMA, to have elected office bearers from this year.• The Chairman and Secretary of the IMA Medical Students Network and IMA Junior Doctors Network shall be included in the composition of IMA CWC and Central Council (CC) and shall be eligible to attend their respective meetings in addition to the other official meetings of IMA.• NATCON shall be hosted by a state and co-hosted by all other states. All states shall contribute Rupees one lakh each to the IMA NATCON Fund to be maintained at IMA HQs. The Fund so collected by the IMA HQs. shall be used for hosting the dinner/ banquet/ awards ceremony. Henceforth, all the audited accounts of the NATCON shall be provided by the organizers to the IMA HQs. who shall display the same on the IMA Website.• Only IMA HQs. shall endorse all health claim statements, as per laid down policy in this regard, which involves inviting expressions of interest. No IMA Wing / Scheme / State / Local Branch can endorse any health claim statement / product.• Existing IMA Blood Donations Policy shall now be IMA Blood Component Policy and linked to blood components• As a part of IMA Organ Donation initiative at least 25,000 IMA members should pledge their organs latest by 27th November, 2017. IMA HQs. to take necessary steps to ensure the same.(To be contd.)Dr KK Aggarwal Dr RN TandonNational President IMA Hony Secy General IMA

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