Morning Medtalks with Dr KK Aggarwal


Dr KK Aggarwal    02 April 2018

  1. The crew of a private bus in the Fort Kochi-Aluva route was booked for not providing timely medical attention to a 40-year-old man who fell unconscious in the bus and died a day later. A traffic police warden took the initiative in taking the man to a hospital.
  2. Bar Council of India has decided to allow members of Parliament and legislative assemblies to practise as advocates but said that those who move an impeachment motion against any judge of the higher judiciary will not be allowed to appear before that court. [ WOULD MEAN MP DOCTORS CAN PRACTICE]
  3. A retrospective study conducted in Mumbai to observe how senior citizens suffering from drug-resistant TB react to traditional medication, found that the geriatric population suffered more adverse reactions to the drugs than younger patients. [INDIAN EXPRESS]
  4. TOI: Dr Jayesh Lele of the Indian Medical Association said that as of now they would not oppose the SC verdict. [ PC-PNDT ACT]
  5. Heat wave: maximum temp of a station > 40°C for Plains, >37°C for coastal stations & > 30°C for Hilly regions. Departure from normal > 4.5°C or temp > 45 heat wave >6.4°or > 47 C severe Heat Wave at least in 2 stations in a Meteorological subdivision for > 2 consecutive days.
  6. FDA: death of 3 at New Senchi Health Centre in the Africa is due to contamination" of 0.9% Normal Saline mix with Benzathine Penicillin Powder for Injection. Remember the powder should be reconstituted with STERILE water for injection & used immediately to avoid contamination
  7. Alert: Four lots of a Mexican diaper cream sold at several chain stores have been recalled after the FDA found some contaminated with high levels of yeast, mold, and bacteria.
  8. US FDA has granted orphan drug designation to its leading clinical compound TTAC-0001 for treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme
  9. FDA grants Orphan Drug status to investigation drugs and biologics that are intended to treat rare diseases that affect < 200,000 people in US. FSA gives many privileges to the research.
  10. HCFI: Beware of expired goods on shelves especially during festive occasions.

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