Foxnut for womans overall health in peurperium


Dr Anita Kant    03 April 2018

Use of makhana (Euryale ferox Salisb.), or foxnut, leads to improvement in physical, physiological and psychological parameters of Sutika (woman during puerperium), suggests a recent study published in the International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine. Researchers at Shree Ayurveda Mahavidhyalya, Nagpur assessed the role of makhana in Sutika, in terms of improvement in her immunity, lactation and digestive power to restore her health. The single blind clinical study enrolled 30 women with full term normal vaginal delivery. All women were given 30 gm makhana shallow fried in ghee. Lukewarm milk was given before meal, morning and evening and follow-up was done after every 7 days.

Makhana showed improvement in physical, physiological and psychological parameters of Sutika. Highly significant improvement was observed in parameters like fatigue, backache, pain in abdomen, anxiety, sleep, uterine involution bleeding P/V and lactation. Significant improvement was noted in pallor. Makhana was found to be safe, economic, and very effective and can be progressively used during puerperium for Sutika wellbeing to improve immunity, lactation, digestive power also restore her health.

In Sutika Kala, i.e. puerperium, the goal is to pacify the aggravated vata dosha, to restore the mother’s health i.e. to overcome Dhatukshaya (depletion of body tissues) due to loss of blood, and fluids and to maintain lactation with good quality milk. When fried in butter and added to lukewarm milk, its digestion enhancing properties are increased. In combination with ghee, milk, its lactiferous properties are increased. It has various other beneficial properties that help Sutika overcome P/V bleeding, relieves aching near waist and knees, and regulates blood pressure.

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