The Ideal IMA Hospital: Suggestions required


Dr RV Asokan    16 October 2017

I recently came across a story in the Daily Mail UK about a teacher in Iran who visits the ICU every day, where his student, who had cancer, was admitted. Why? So that the child could keep up with his studies and not miss out on any lessons. The two communicate with each other via phone. This is indeed a noble act. Teachers can make a difference in the lives of their students. Doctors are meant to not just treat the disease, but also the patient as a whole. The focus should also be on the psychosocial aspects and not just the science of treating a disease. All hospitals owned by IMA doctors should be hospitals with a difference, where • We work with compassion and care.• We have provisions for a prayer room• We respect the dead body.• In every case of death, we ask the relatives for organ or tissue donation. • We allow the patients to give exam or attend important meetings, if feasible. • We allow and facilitate student patients to continue their classes in hospitals. • We respect the cultural sentiments of the patients. • We accept checks and credit cards for payments. • We allow interest-free easy installments to the needy in the establishment. • We observe 2 hours silence in the hospital 12-2 p.m. where everyone speaks softly. • We provide the cheapest quality drugs to the patients. • We do not indulge in unethical practices. • We have a separate charity fund for poor patients. • Our premises are mosquito-free. • We follow national antibiotic policy and other National Health Programs(With inputs from Dr RV Asokan)

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