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eMediNexus    10 April 2018

Rejection and job searching go hand in hand. As a writer, I can tell you something about disappointment. I had enough "reject" slips from New York publishers to start a bonfire. Then one day, an editor said, "Yes," and my world was drastically transformed.

Ken Taylor began re–writing the Bible in a contemporary translation and had more than 60 rejections. He finally decided to self–publish "The Living Bible" and it became one of the greatest best–sellers in publishing history.

If you’re qualified for a particular job, never stop interviewing, even if you return to the same companies five or six times. Meanwhile, you need to accept an interim position to keep yourself gainfully employed. When you add lack of funds to job rejection, it’s a double–whammy.

Never overlook working for a "temporary" employment agency. It gives you a chance to demonstrate your skills to a number of companies and can open some exciting doors. As a last resort, start free–lancing your skills. Who knows? You may wind up with your own business and be your own boss.

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