eSpiritual: Understanding Gossip


Dr KK Aggarwal    16 April 2018

Gossip is a way of non-violent communication and is common cause of misunderstanding between people and relational harmony. It is a stress-related risk factor for heart diseases Gossip has the following three main characteristics:

  1. In gossip one talks about others.
  2. The talk is in their absence.
  3. It is invariably without source.

One should learn to avoid gossip as it invariably reaches to the person whom you are criticizing, condemning or complaint about.

The message often gets distorted. Chinese Whisper is a classical exercise where a message is passed to different people and when the message comes back, it is totally distorted.

Never be judgmental and always quote the source when you are talking. Instead of criticizing a person in his absence, you should have guts to speak in his presence.

(Disclaimer: The views expressed in this write up are my own).

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