Efficacy of polyethylene glycol 3350 plus electrolytes for treating functional constipation in children.


eMediNexus    18 April 2018

A study published in the Anales de Pediatria aimed to evaluate the safety – renal, malabsorption or excessive production of gas, and efficacy of PEG+E treatment in a pediatric population. The study entailed the evaluation of 15 patients with a median age of 6.2 years and normal renal function, having functional constipation, according to the Rome III criteria. In these patients, PEG+E was administered for 4 weeks (4WP). The mean dose was 0.44 g/kg/day, titrated according to age, weight and response. The findings showed that in these patients, the number of stools per week and the stool form score was higher after 4 weeks of the treatment. Meanwhile, no statistical differences were obtained between urine sodium and urine osmolality values at the beginning and after 4WP. Moreover, after 4WP the NIRA (near-infrared reflectance analysis) median values were normal in all patients. While, the median breath hydrogen test was 7 ppm. Moreover, no adverse effects on biochemistry values or gastrointestinal disturbances were observed. Thus, it was stated that PEG+E can be recommended for the treatment of functional constipation in children.

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