Morning Medtalks with Dr KK Aggarwal 30th April


Dr KK Aggarwal    30 April 2018

Dear Colleague

Quantum Physics: You are what your deep-rooted thoughts are is an ancient Vedic saying. Quantum physics has proven that our thoughts can indeed influence matter. Science all these years believed that matter only contained particles, and light waves. But quantum physics has found that light can act like a particle, bending around corners or bouncing off walls.

And matter can behave as a wave, such as electrons moving in waves around a neutron.Electrons have been shown to behave as waves. This is typically known as wave particle duality.An Israeli study revealed they only do this when no one is watching (observer effect). The more a beam of electrons was observed, the less they behaved like waves.The power of intent comes here. You have an intent and the quantum communication can make it a reality.Have you heard of drinking plastic in milk shake?I got a phone call that a patient has accidently ingested milk shake in which the plastic spoon of ice-cream got grinded. What to do. I called the AIIMS poison center at 011 26593677. The only solution I could gather was to do stomach wash and watch and wait. Within two hours we got the stomach wash done. If anyone has experiences such cases kindly share.ClinicalBlue light emitted by outdoor LED screens is strongly linked to cancer. The researchers from University of Exeter in Britain and the Barcelona Institute for Global Health has shown that participants exposed to higher levels of blue light had a 1.5 and two-fold higher risk of developing breast and prostate cancer, respectively, as compared to the less-exposed population. The findings, published in the journal Environmental Health

Perspectives, found that the "blue light" emitted by LED lights seems to affect circadian rhythms and sleeping patterns, which then impacts hormone levels.The US CDC suggest that approximately 1 in 59 children are autistic. This represents an increase from CDC’s previous estimate, released in 2014, of 1 in 68. And it’s a truly remarkable increase over the 2007 estimate, which reported that 1 in 150 children — the periodic study focuses on eight-year-olds — were autistic.The Hindu, one of Indias most influential newspapers, carried a special report entitled "Expert moots scrutiny of ‘disease mongering".http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-kerala/expert-moots-scrutiny-of-disease-mongering/article23704831.ece (Roy Abraham Kallivayalil)The Delhi High Court has questioned the need for doctors to be on duty for 24 hours or more and said that it should be changed. In the year 2013, Ministry of health vide letter number S-11014 /3/91 ME(P) suggested implementation of Uniform Central Residency Scheme after the directives of the Supreme Court in its judgment dt. 25.9.87 in writ petition No. 348-352 of 1985, The instruction No.13 of this letter ‘Hours of Work’, it is mentioned that “Continuous active duty for resident doctors will not normally exceed 12 hours per day. Subject to exigencies of work the resident doctors will be allowed one weekly holiday by rotation. The resident doctors will also require to be on call duty not exceeding 12 hours at a time. The junior Residents should ordinarily work for 48 hours per week and not more than 12 hours at a stretch subject to the condition that the working hours will be flexible as may be decided by the Medical Superintendents concerned keeping in view the workload and availability of doctors for clinical work.”

The optimal method of extubation in patients undergoing end-of-life withdrawal of ventilator support is unclear. One prospective study reported thatimmediate extubation of terminally ill patients is associated with more airway obstruction and pain compared with a slower weaning method that ensures comfort at each step of the wean [Intensive Care Med 2017; 43:1793.]. The current view is to support a slow wean.EducationThe cut-off percentile for the NEET PG and NEET Super Speciality exams is likely to be reduced by nearly 15 percentile, from the existing cut-offwhich was the 50th percentile. The decision will ensure that more students get admission to postgraduate medical and dental courses which would otherwise go vacant. (TOI)PolicyThe ICMR has sought changes in the notification that proposes to exclude so-called "minimally manipulated" stem cells from rules governing drugs, keeping only "more than minimally manipulated" and "substantially manipulated" under the purview of the regulations. ICMR has recommended a clear definition for"minimal manipulation", saying it should neither alter the number nor the biological features of the extracted cells. It has also recommended terminology to distinguish between homologous use, meaning stem cells performing the same basic function - such as bone marrow cells for blood cells - and non-homologous use, meaning stem cells performing different functions - such as bone marrow cells used to create liver, muscle, or other tissues.LegalDead body needs the same respect. The Kushinagar incident where the dead bodies of children were returned without stitching needs to be condemned by all. It could have been better by the local ACP rank officer to have waved off the post mortem than to hand over unstitched bodies.Rat biting a child in hospital in Mumbai shows absence of safety protocols. Dogs, cats, rats and monkeys can not be allowed in the hospital premises.

Safety protocols must be in place.

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