Inspirational: Few things that help you to survive


eMediNexus    02 May 2018

If you feel tired and hopeless, GOD knows how hard you try. When you already cry for a long time and your heart is still hurt, GOD has counted your tear drops.

If you think that your life is still waiting for something and the time seems just come and pass by…GOD is still accompanying you.

When you feel alone and your friends are too busy to make a phone call, GOD is always with you. When you think that you have tried everything and don’t know what to do anymore, GOD has the answers.

When everything makes no sense to you and you feel stressed…GOD is your comfort. When you see "a bit" of hope…GOD is whispering to you.

When everything works so clear and you want to praise HIM, GOD has blessed you. When you feel beautiful things is happening and you are fulfilled with wonders, GOD has smiled to you.

When you have aims and dreams to reach, GOD has opened your eyes and call your name. Remember, Where ever you are and where ever you will be GOD knows.

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