Aromatherapy in the postpartum period with vetiver oil


eMediNexus    12 May 2018

Aromatherapy is a natural way of healing a persons mind, body and soul. Aromatherapy can be use to relieve several ailments such as depression, indigestion, headache, insomnia, muscular pain, respiratory problems, skin ailments, swollen joints, urine associated complications etc.1 A study revealed that postpartum aromatherapy for perineal care appeared to be effective in healing the perineum.2

A study evaluated the effect of aromatherapy-massage in healthy postpartum mothers. The intervention was effective for postpartum women for improving their physical and mental status and in facilitating mother-infant interaction.3

Vetiver (khus) grass is known to have skin soothing properties. Vetiver oil is used in aromatherapy, on account of its sedative qualities and its balancing/regulatory activity on skin. It has antiseptic, tonic and detoxifying effects on the skin. Vetiver oil replenishes the moisture in dehydrated and dry skin and is known to prevent stretch marks. Vetiver oil has been shown to have excellent activities against some Gram-positive strains and against one Candida glabrata strain.4

It balances the activity of the sebaceous oil glands, has deodorizing properties, and normalizes oily skin and can clear acne. Besides replenishing moisture in dry skin, vetiver oil also has a rejuvenating effect on mature skin, as well as cuts, wounds, irritated and inflamed skin.5

Aromatherapy or massage therapy during the postpartum period with vetiver oil can therefore have a rejuvenating effect. Additionally, when used regularly during pregnancy, it can prevent stretch marks.


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