Role of Ayurveda in preventing miscarriage


eMediNexus Editorial    12 May 2018

Acharya Charaka termed the expulsion of fetus up to fourth month of pregnancy as garbhsrava, while the expulsion of fetus in the fifth and sixth months it is termed as garbhapata. Ayurvedic medicine mentions garbhasthapaka drugs. These are the drugs that after counteracting the effect of harmful factors for fetus, help in its proper maintenance, and therefore can be considered even as a treatment for abortion. Garbhasthapaka drugs (drugs beneficial for maintenance of pregnancy) are given throughout pregnancy for the benefit of mother and fetus. A paper published in the International Journal of Research in Indian Medicine mentions that garbhini paricharya (regimen for the pregnant woman) should be adopted from the begining of pregnancy. Charaka has suggested that by initiation of garbhini paricharya, women remain healthy and deliver a healthy child. According to Acharya Charaka garbhini paricharya comprises of several different constituents over the first 7 months of pregnancy which include non-medicated as well as medicated milk, milk with honey, milk with honey and ghee, butter extracted from milk, etc. Another means of preventing garbhsrava, as mentioned in Ayurveda is avoidance of exposure to etiological factors of abortion. These include exercise, coitus, riding in carriage, etc. Of note, the concept of garbhini paricharya instructs the mother about specified diet of pregnant woman which helps improve her own health, healthy growth of fetus and facilitates normal labor.

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