eWellness: Tips on Water Hygiene


Dr KK Aggarwal    18 October 2017

1. Travelers should avoid consuming tap water.2. Avoid ice made from tap water.3. Avoid any food rinsed in tap water.4. Chlorination kills most bacterial and viral pathogens.5. Chlorination does not kill Giardia cysts.6. Chlorination does not kill amoeba cysts.7. Chlorination does not kill Cryptosporidium.8. Boiled/treated water is safe.9. Carbonated drinks, wine and drinks made with boiled water are safe.10. Freezing does not kill the organisms that cause diarrhea. Ice in drinks is not safe unless it has been made from adequately boiled or filtered water.11. Alcohol does not sterilize water or the ice. Mixed drinks may still be contaminated.12. Hot tea and coffee are the best alternates to boiled water.13. Bottled drinks should be requested without ice and should be drunk from the bottle with a straw rather than with a glass.14. Boiling water for 3 minutes followed by cooling to room temperature will kill bacterial parasites.15. Adding two drops of 5% sodium hydrochloride (bleach) to quarter of water (1 liter) will kill most bacteria in 30 minutes.16. Adding 5 drops of tincture of iodine to 1 liter of water will kill bacteria within 30 minutes.

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