The clinical effectiveness of Movicol in children with severe constipation.


eMediNexus    16 May 2018

The aim of a study published in Pediatric Nursing was to review the clinical effectiveness of polyethylene glycol plus electrolytes (PEG+E) in the management of severe pediatric constipation. Here, the participants were children with a mean age of 6.7 years, wherein a seven-day disimpaction regimen was initiated followed by a maintenance dose. Subsequently, 23 parents completed questionnaires on their childrens experiences with previous and current laxative treatments, bowel movement status, in-patient admissions or home visits required and the perceived value of the support service provided by a community childrens nursing team. The results revealed that before PEG+E treatment, 57% of the children were admitted to hospital while 26% required home visits for constipation treatment. On the contrary, after PEG+E treatment, no child required any intervention. Among the parents, 39% utilized the support service and 96% rated the information it provided as adequate. In addition 96% parents reported that they were very satisfied with the control of their childrens constipation after treatment with PEG+E. Hence, it was concluded that treatment of severe pediatric constipation with PEG+E in conjunction with a support and advice service was clinically and economically effective.

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