Adherence to a specified diet during pregnancy and subsequent maternal weight development.


eMediNexus    25 May 2018

A new study published in the British Journal of Nutrition investigated the associations between maternal adherence to the New Nordic diet (NND), which encourages the consumption of fruits, root vegetables, cabbages, potatoes, oatmeal porridge, whole grains, wild fish, game, berries, milk and water, during pregnancy and maternal BMI trajectories from delivery to eight years post-delivery. This study included data for 55,056 pregnant women from Norway, between 1999 and 2008. The finding showed that women with higher adherence to the NND pattern during pregnancy had a mean lower postpartum BMI trajectories and slightly less weight gain up to 8 years post-delivery compared those who were not stringent followers of the NND diet. Moreover, these associations persisted after adjustment for physical activity, education, maternal age, smoking, and parity. Furthermore, the associations could not be explained by differences in energy intake or by exclusive breastfeeding duration. In addition, equivalent patterns of associations were observed with trajectories of overweight/obesity as the outcome. Thus, it was concluded that NND may have beneficial effects for long-term weight regulation among women, postpartum.

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