eWellness: Fever in children


Dr KK Aggarwal    27 May 2018

  1. Do not ignore fever in children.
  2. Fever with cough and cold means viral sore throat.
  3. Fever with chills and rigor may be due to malaria.
  4. Fever with severe headache and pain behind the eyes may be dengue.
  5. If a child has fever with urinary symptoms, the child needs further investigations.
  6. Do not ignore fever with jaundice.
  7. Do not give aspirin to children for fever.
  8. Immediately lower the temperature if the fever is more than 104°F.
  9. If fever is associated with altered behavior, then immediately contact the doctor.
  10. Tepid water sponging is better than sponging with cold and ice water.
  11. In heat stroke, cold water sponging can lower the temperature if anti-fever medication is not working.
  12. Do not ignore if body temperature is low.
  13. If body temperature is less than 95°F, immediately warm the child using blankets and other measures.
  14. Paracetamol is the safest medicine for children in fever.

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