The safety and effectiveness of 2L polyethylene glycol plus ascorbic acid in patients with liver cirrhosis.


eMediNexus    31 May 2018

The objective of a study published in Medicine was to compare the safety of 2 bowel-cleansing agents for patients with liver cirrhosis – 2 liters of PEG (2 L PEG) plus ascorbic acid versus 4 liters of PEG (4 L PEG). This was a retrospective study in patients with liver cirrhosis, wherein patients referred for colonoscopy were divided into two groups – 105 were given 2 L PEG plus ascorbic acid and 61 patients received 4 L PEG. It was noted that serum-electrolytes, laboratory findings, and body weight showed no significant change between the 2 groups. In addition, there was no significant change in clinical factors before and after bowel preparation in the PEG group or the PEG plus ascorbic acid group. Meanwhile, the acceptability and compliance of patients was better in the 2 L PEG plus ascorbic acid group than the 4 L PEG group. Furthermore, patients with compensated or decompensated cirrhosis showed no increased risk of electrolyte imbalances after bowel preparation. Moreover, successful cleansing was mostly achieved in both the groups. Hence, it was inferred that the use of 2 L PEG is a safe choice for colonoscopy in patients with liver cirrhosis.

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