A modified inverted nipple correction technique to preserve breastfeeding


eMediNexus    08 June 2018

An inverted nipple may impact breastfeeding. Traditional surgical procedures can potentially injure the normal lactiferous ducts and damage sensory functions. Therefore, a study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal aimed to propose a minimally invasive and reliable method to preserve breastfeeding and correct Grade I and II inverted nipples. In all, 230 women with unilateral or bilateral inverted nipples and 30 women with normal nipples were enrolled in the study. The nipples in the distractor group were subjected to an operation with a distractor, while the control nipples were treated with daily exercises. The intervention lasted 6 months. The primary endpoint was full-term pregnancy breastfeeding for 4 months. The secondary endpoint was completion of lactation without obvious complications such as mastitis and nipple craze. Grade I and II nipples achieved increased height after the distractor was worn for 6 months and at 37 weeks of pregnancy, while the control nipples achieved only a slight improvement at 37 weeks of pregnancy. In the distractor group, the success rates were 84.9% and 79.3% for Grade I and II nipples, respectively, compared with 52.5% and 38.9%, respectively in the control group. Nipples in the distractor group showed no complications such as skin numbness and nipple necrosis. The use of a distractor thus seems to be a reliable and minimally invasive method for correcting Grade I and II inverted nipples while preserving breastfeeding.

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