Early breastfeeding problems


eMediNexus    08 June 2018

A study published recently in the journal Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare investigated mothers perspectives on when breastfeeding problems were the most challenging and explored the possible factors associated with the breastfeeding problems. Using a mixed method approach to analyze postal survey data from 1437 mothers with full term singleton infants, it was noted that up to 40% of the mothers had experienced early breastfeeding problems. The problems were associated with the mother, the infant and with lack of support from healthcare professionals. The major problems were infants inability to latch on (40%) and mothers having sore, wounded and cracked nipples (38%). Pain often occurred when experiencing breastfeeding problems. Primiparity, lower self-efficacy and lower self-perceived knowledge of breastfeeding were reported as the factors associated with the problems. Breastfeeding problems occur frequently in the early postnatal period and often make breastfeeding painful. Healthcare professionals must prepare mothers to deal with the possible breastfeeding problems.

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