eWellness: Some simple steps that each one of us can take to help reduce pollution


Dr KK Aggarwal    13 June 2018

  1. I will not burn agarbatti incense sticks and dhoopbatti at my home or workplace till pollution levels drop. I will not burn flame producing candles. I will not use kerosene oil for any purpose.
  2. I will avoid using polythene bags or plastic. I will use products which can be recycled as much as possible.
  3. I will not use wood and coal for any purpose be it cooking or heating. If any unfortunate death occurs in my family I will bravely opt for electric cremation. I will not smoke cigarettes, beedis nor allow anyone else too.
  4. I will resort to wet mopping the floors in my house and workplace.
  5. Wherever possible I will practice carpooling. I will opt for public transportation as much as possible. I will regularly get my vehicle checked for pollution standards and serviced so that it is in good condition. I will walk or cycle for short distance commutes.

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