eWellness: Some tips for ageing well from HCFI


Dr KK Aggarwal    15 June 2018

  1. Do not think you are old. Age = 100 minus years old or age 40 = age 20 plus 20 years of experience.
  2. Quit smoking This is the first and foremost critical step that you can take in order to improve your health and combat age related health complications. If you were a smoker in your younger years and still are, it is not too late to quit this fatal habit.
  3. Stay active Make it a daily routine to undertake something that keep you fit and active. Let it be something that promotes strength, balance and flexibility and most importantly, something that you enjoy.
  4. Prevent accidental falls Elderly people are especially vulnerable to accidental falls. They can be prevented by making small changes around your house like removing loose rugs and carpets, keeping walking paths free of cords and clutters and using night lights for hallways. Wearing good friction supporting shoes has been observed to significantly prevent falls.
  5. Stay updated with immunizations and screenings Get a preventive screening done before various age-related disease strike. Get regular checkups for dental, vision and hearing health: Your teeth, gums, vision and hearing have the potential to last a lifetime, if cared for properly.
  6. Eat well A well-balanced healthy diet when combined with moderate physical activity can be the key to healthy aging. Calcium and vitamin D supplements can help women.
  7. Stay mentally active Maintain a good amount of mental activity in old age to counter dementia and cognitive impairment that come with aging.
  8. Sleep well Many elderly people face problems with maintaining a healthy sleep cycle. Insomnia and daytime sleepiness in excess are common complaints, talk to your healthcare provider about such issues.

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