Doctor cries murder plot


Piyush Srivastava    18 June 2018

Lucknow: A suspended doctor who alleges being made a scapegoat over a spate of baby deaths in a Gorakhpur hospital has accused a BJP parliamentarian of trying to kill him and his family.

Dr Kafeel Khan held a news conference in Lucknow on Sunday, a week after two scooter-borne assailants had pumped three bullets into his brother Kashif Jameel, a property dealer, who is in hospital.

Kafeel alleged the shooters had been hired by Bansgaon MP Kamlesh Paswan, who has denied the charge.

Kafeel was in charge of the encephalitis ward at the Baba Raghav Das Medical College when 30 babies died in two days in August after the oxygen vendor stopped supplies over unpaid dues.

Eight doctors, including Kafeel, were suspended and arrested in September. Kafeel, who received bail seven weeks ago, has already written to the state government saying he and his family face a threat to their lives.

"Paswan and his aides hatched the conspiracy to kill my brother. When my brother was struggling for life in hospital, some senior police officers working at Paswans behest forced the doctors to delay for four hours the operation to remove a bullet from his neck," Kafeel alleged.

He claimed that Paswan was angry with him because he had blamed the states BJP government for the baby deaths, and wanted to kill Kashif because of a land dispute with the MPs henchmen.

"They can attack me and other family members any day. I demand that the state government provide us security immediately," he said.

Paswan said in Gorakhpur that he had nothing to do with the attack on Kashif. "Im not involved in any land dispute, nor do I have any enmity with Khan or his family," he said.

"His allegation is motivated as he belongs to the Samajwadi Party. He and his three brothers are involved in many land-grab cases."

Kafeel had campaigned for the Samajwadis door-to-door and on social media ahead of the Assembly polls.

Paswan said: "Kashif had fired at his own feet a few years ago to implicate two people, including a woman, in an attempt-to-murder case. Police reports will confirm this. I want the government to conduct a thorough probe into his allegations."

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