Doctors are our lifestyle guides; they not only cure but also heal: PM Modi


Dr KK Aggarwal    25 June 2018

Doctors are our lifestyle guides; they not only cure but also heal: PM Modi


PM in Man Ki Baat

“Fourth Yoga Day celebrations on 21st June were unique; People around the world performed yoga with great enthusiasm”

“Yoga goes beyond boundaries and forms a bond with the society”

“Entire nation was proud to see the dedication of our soldiers to perform yoga - In the waters, on the land and in the sky”

“Yoga has united people around the world by going beyond the boundaries of caste, creed and geography”

“Yoga has helped realise the true spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which our saints and seers have propagated since centuries”

“Doctors are our lifestyle guides; they not only cure but also heal”

“Indian doctors have made a mark across the world for their abilities and skills”

 These were few of the words spoken by the PM in his address to the nation.  Positive words about the medical profession will go a long way in reducing the increasing mistrust about the medical profession and resulting violence in the society.

If India is to rule the world in the field of mind body medicine than yoga should be made a mandatory department in every medical establishment dealing with International medical tourism.

UTTARAKHAND HC DIRECTS PETROL PUMPS TO PROVIDE FREE DRINKING WATER AND TOILET FACILITIES TO THE COMMUNTERS: Hon’ble High Court of Uttarakhand has directed petrol pump owners to provide drinking water to commuters free of cost and put up signboards of reasonable size to inform commuters about the facilities. Hon’ble Division Bench ruled that District Supply Officers will be personally liable for non-compliance of its order.

Hon’ble Division Bench stated that, “According to directions issued by oil companies, petrol pump owners are required to construct public toilets/urinals, however, the owners of the petrol pumps do not permit ordinary commuters to use the toilets/urinals. At some places, toilets/urinals are also locked and are only permitted to persons who buy petrol from their filling station. This is contrary to the directions issued by the oil companies”.  (Hindustan Times)

Time to file a complaint: In the above article the time limit to file complaint is 3 years, however, as per law the time limit to file the case of negligence case in consumer court is 2 years from the date of the act of negligence or from the date of the knowledge. (Ira Gupta)

Components of informed consent: Watch https://www.facebook.com/drkkaggarwal/videos/1878828148805146/

Participate in survey on Inflammatory bowel disease


Pollution Update

Carbon monoxide is released into indoor air by furnaces or stoves, particularly if they are not functioning properly. Indoor open flame cooking is a common source of CO.

In industrial settings, the most common source of CO is vehicle exhaust from garages or indoor use of equipment such as forklifts. In any setting, outdoor vehicle exhaust can enter the ventilation system, particularly if idling vehicles are parked near intake vents.

Environmental tobacco smoke is also a source of CO. Low-level chronic CO exposure can contribute to exacerbations of cardiopulmonary disease and symptoms such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, dyspnea, and neuropsychological impairment.

Suggested protocol for arthroplasty

For low risk patients receiving prophylaxis with rivaroxaban following elective unilateral total hip or total knee arthroplasty adopt a hybrid strategy that involves switching to daily aspirin (81 mg) at day 5. Aspirin is continued for an additional 9 days for patients undergoing TKA and 30 days for THA.

Stroke protocol

For patients with ischemic stroke caused by a large artery occlusion in the proximal anterior circulation who cannot start treatment within six hours of the time they were last known to be well, intra-arterial mechanical thrombectomy from 6 to 24 hours is recommended if there is evidence of a mismatch between specific clinical and imaging criteria.


Drug treatment for OSA

In a phase II study of 73 adults with moderate or severe OSA comparing the cannabinoid dronabinol with placebo, dronabinol reduced the severity of OSA as measured by the apnea hypoxia index (AHI), although wakefulness, sleep architecture, and overnight oxygenation were unchanged. (Sleep 2018; 41.)


Home sleep test not for children

Home sleep apnea tests (HSATs) are an accepted and potentially convenient option for diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in selected adults. However, HSATs are not recommended for diagnosis of OSA in children. ( J Clin Sleep Med 2017; 13:1199.)


Dr K K Aggarwal

Padma Shri Awardee

President HCFI

Vice President CMAAO

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