Does progestin-only contraceptive use after pregnancy affect recovery from pelvic girdle pain?


eMediNexus    16 September 2017

The main goal of a new study published in PLoS One was to estimate associations of progestin-only contraceptives with persistent pelvic girdle pain, 18 months after delivery. This prospective population based cohort study enrolled 20,493 women from 2003 to 2011. The findings revealed that pelvic girdle pain (18 months after delivery) was reported by 9.7% of women with dispense of a progestin-only contraceptive and by 10.5% of women without dispense. While long duration of exposure to a progestin intrauterine device or progestin-only oral contraceptives was associated with reduced odds of persistent pelvic girdle pain. In contrast, long duration of exposure to progestin injections and/or a progestin implant was associated with modest increased odds of persistent pelvic girdle pain. Whereas, early timing of progestin-only contraceptive dispense following delivery (≤3 months) was not significantly associated with persistent pelvic girdle pain. The results indicated a small beneficial effect of progestin intrauterine devices and progestin-only oral contraceptives on recovery from pelvic girdle pain. However, an opposing adverse effect of exposure to progestin injections and/or progestin implants could not be completely ruled out. It was speculated that the modest increased odds of persistent pelvic girdle pain among these users could be a result of unmeasured confounding.

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