High-risk factors for suppurative mastitis among breastfeeding women


eMediNexus    02 July 2018

Acute mastitis is a commonly encountered among postpartum lactating women. A study, published in Medical Science Monitor, assessed the high-risk factors for suppurative mastitis (SM) in breastfeeding women. In all, 262 non-SM patients and 63 SM patients were retrospectively recruited and high-risk factors for SM during lactation were determined on the basis of assessment of admission time after acute mastitis, galactostasis, primipara or pluripara, nipple injuries, antibiotic treatment course, and diabetes. The incidence of SM was significantly higher among patients with admission time >72 h following occurrence of acute mastitis as compared to the patients whose admission time was <72 h. Patients with galactostasis were more likely to develop SM compared to patients without galactostasis. SM was also more likely to occur in primiparous patients as compared to pluriparous patients. Furthermore, the incidence rate of SM was significantly higher in patients with diabetes than in those without diabetes. Patients with nipple injuries also had increased likelihood of SM compared to the patients without nipple injuries. No significant difference was observed in the incidence of SM on the basis of antibiotic treatment course. It was concluded that SM during lactation had a close link with admission time after the occurrence of acute mastitis, galactostasis, primipara, diabetes, and nipple injuries.

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