Burari suicides: Was it a case of mass suicide or an induced psychotic disorder? (Part 2)


Dr KK Aggarwal    06 July 2018

Yesterday, I wrote at length about the Burari suicides, if this was a case of mass suicide or an induced psychotic disorder. It is possible that this family was trying to replicate the ‘Badh or vat tapasya’ in which people get into a banyan tree-formation whose branches hang around as reported. Here is a small update on this. 

Badh tapasya is done in the month of June. Women go around the tree and tie a thread around the tree as a mark of worship during vata purnima, which is regarded as a major festival. Their hands were tied and their faces were covered with cloth pieces (bandages). It appears from reports that the family had practiced the ritual every evening for six days, but without the stools. They carried out the final act on the 7th day using the stools this time. Were the five stools used for the ritual made of wood? If yes, was this the wood of a Banyan tree? Many such questions remain unanswered. The important message is that rituals if done incorrectly or blindly following rituals can harm.

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Dr KK Aggarwal

Padma Shri AwardeeVice President CMAAOGroup Editor-in-Chief IJCP Publications

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