Impact of Zizyphus Jujube Fruit Lotion on Breast Fissure in Breastfeeding Women


eMediNexus Editorial    07 July 2018

Nipple fissures are commonly seen during breastfeeding. Zizyphus Jujube Fruit is among the oldest medicinal plants used to heal wounds owing to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. A study recently explored the effect of jujube lotion on the recovery of breast fissure. A double-blind clinical trial was conducted that included 100 primiparous lactating women, randomly divided into two groups - In Jujube group, mothers used 0.5 mL of fruit lotion, and in control group mothers applied 4-5 drops of their breast milk 5 times a day, after breastfeeding. All women were analyzed on the 7th and 14th days after childbirth. Damage severity was assessed using the Amir scale and the presence or absence of nipple discharge was noted. There was a significant difference between the two groups in the extent of nipple damage before intervention on the 3rd day after childbirth and after intervention on the 7th and 14th days after childbirth. There seemed to be no significant difference in sore nipple discharge between the two groups before the study and on the 7th day. However, a statistically significant difference was observed between the two groups on the 14th day. Zizyphus jujube fruits lotion was thus found to heal nipple fissure faster and better than breast milk. The findings are published in the Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research.

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