Vicky Pathare    11 July 2018

While an average person lives up to 72 years, a doctor is expected to live up to 59 years; association to study lifestyles for a year and formulate combative measures

Astudy made by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has concluded that doctors, who help patients stay fit, are dying younger as they themselves do not follow the instructions. The study conducted in Maharashtra found that majority of them die due to cardiovascular diseases and early malignancy. The IMA state chapter is now going to conduct a year-long survey of all the IMA doctors and the formulate suggestions to promote a healthy lifestyle among them.

The date came to fore during one of association’s analytical surveys. The IMA has a social security scheme akin to the life insurance that is run across the country. In India, there are as many as 13,000 members nationwide and 7,200 from the state enrolled in the scheme. Their mortality pattern was analysed for eight years by IMA state president Dr Dilip Sarda.

“The data shows that an average Indian lives up to 69-72 years, whereas a doctor lives only up to 55-59 years which is shocking. It was noticed that most early deaths occur due to cardiac arrests and early malignancies,” he said.

He added that the two age groups of doctors between 45-55 years and 55-65 years are the most vulnerable.

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