eWellness: Flu in children


Dr KK Aggarwal    25 October 2017

The classical features of uncomplicated flu in children include abrupt onset of fever headache muscle pain and malaise affected by manifestation of respiratory tract illness sore throat cough and nasal discharge But all these features may not be present in all children Flu sometimes may last for more than a week in children Ear discharge progression to asthma and pneumonia are common complications in children Complicated pneumonia may be severe and rapidly fatal especially if the bacterium is Staph During winter a diagnosis of flu should be considered in all children with fever children with fever and acute onset of respiratory illness children with fever and exhilaration of underlying chest condition children with pneumonia and children with fever of more than 100 with severe cough or sore throat Fever is present in over 95 of cases often more than 39 C Cough is present in over 77 patients Nasal discharge is present in more than 78 patients Headache is present in more than 26 patients Muscle pain is present in more than 71 patients Incubation period is 1 4 days with high transmissibility The treatment is often symptomatic Cough hygiene should be practiced

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