Potential efficacy of a formulation containing zinc carbonate, Piper nigrum Linn., butter and Citrus limon in luteal phase defect


eMediNexus Editorial    20 July 2018

   Luteal phase defect (LPD) has been described as the inadequate secretory transformation of endometrium, leading to deficient progesterone production by corpus luteum causing recurrent habitual abortions and infertility. A recent study evaluated the role of a formulation containing zinc carbonate, Piper nigrum Linn., butter and Citrus limon, in the treatment of LPD and its definite action on endometrium. In all, 40 patients were observed, out of which 10 were selected according. They were given the medication twice daily at 7 am and 7 pm with honey for three months. Patients were followed-up every 15 days i.e. 2nd and 17th day of menses. The drug was given from 5th day to 1st day of following menstrual cycle for 3 consecutive cycles and data was recorded. There was a considerable increase in the endometrial thickness, serum progesterone levels and ovulation occurred. Serum progesterone values were <10 ng/dl before treatment. Following treatment, an increase in serum progesterone was noted in 50% of the study subjects. About 60% subjects had endometrial thickness <6 mm and 40% had >6 mm before treatment. After treatment, the endometrial thickness was increased in most of them. In 50% patients, pregnancy was achieved which continued above three months. It was concluded that there was improvement in endometrial thickness, serum progesterone and ovulation occurred in most of the patients.

The medication contains vitamin C, vitamin E, L-arginine, and zinc which have roles in normal ovarian functioning and in increasing serum progesterone levels leading to increase in the thickness of endometrium. As ovarian functioning, serum progesterone levels and endometrial thickness were corrected, pregnancy was achieved in 50% subjects. The drug was continued till twelve weeks of gestation in these subjects.

The findings are published in the International Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies.

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