Wealth management: The Nine Nidhis (Part 2)


Dr KK Aggarwal    27 October 2017

Our mythology has described nine types of Nidhis nawanidhi or treasures or valuable things which belong to Kubera the God of wealth. These nine types of treasures or nidhis are Mahapadma great lotus flower Padma lotus flower Shankha conch Makara crocodile Kachchhapa tortoise Kumud a particular precious stone Kunda jasmine Nila sapphire and Kharva dwarf . Our total wealth is our treasure. Here wealth does not represent only material wealth but also other forms of wealth such as knowledge children strength achievements awards as denoted by the eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi. Each form of wealth can be further classified and subclassified. Firstly according to the duration of the wealth how long will your wealth last for . This can be further subclassified into three Will your total wealth be enough for just one generation Will your total wealth last for your seven generations to come Will your total wealth sustain forever amar Then there are four negatives attached to wealth or the pursuit of wealth. Worry chinta One is constantly thinking and worrying about wealth how to keep your money safe Dwarf Here dwarf means hold back normal growth . One is handicapped because of the money e.g. not using it for fear of being caught or using it for negative purposes. Miser kanjoos One who spends his wealth reluctantly and hoards wealth akin to the food hoarding behavior of a rat . Extremely miser mahakanjoos One who fears losing his wealth and therefore neither enjoys his wealth himself nor allows anybody to use his wealth. Each form of wealth also has two positives to it. Ask yourselves Is your wealth growing sustainably and profitably Is it allowing me to grow and in turn everybody to grow A well thought out investment plan will help your total wealth to grow itself auto growth . Taken together all these nine aspects of wealth or the pursuit of wealth constitute the nine nidhis or nine ways by which total wealth can be viewed as. Disclaimer The views expressed in this write up are entirely my own.

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