Cilnidipine reduces on 24-h urinary catecholamines and C-peptide in hypertensive NIDDM patients


eMediNexus    30 October 2017

A study published in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice determined the impact of cilnidipine and nilvadipine on 24 h urinary epinephrine U EP norepinephrine U NE dopamine U DA and C peptide U CPR in patients with hypertension and non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus HT NIDDM . This randomized crossover study involved 35 HT NIDDM patients. Patients received cilnidipine 10 mg day and nilvadipine 8 mg day separately for 4 weeks each. After cilnidipine treatment U NE U DA and U CPR levels were significantly reduced compared with pre treatment levels 160.4 12.7 to 111.7 8.9 61549 g day 934.8 163.4 to 590.3 33.4 61549 g day 86.7 9.9 to 57.6 7.4 61549 g day respectively. No significant differences could be seen in U EP U NE U DA and U CPR levels following nilvadipine treatment. U NE U DA and U CPR levels after cilnidipine treatment were significantly lower than the levels after nilvadipine treatment 111.7 8.9 versus 155.0 13.7 61549 g day 590.3 33.4 versus 822.2 104.3 61549 g day 57.6 7.4 versus 80.6 8.1 61549 g day respectively.

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