Comparing the effectiveness of iron bisglycinate chelate and ferrous sulfate in treating iron deficiency in pregnant women


eMediNexus    02 November 2017

The researchers conducted a study to compare the efficacy of daily supplementation of 15 mg day of iron from iron bisglycinate chelate and 40 mg iron from ferrous sulfate for iron deficiency in pregnant women. Hemoglobin transferrin saturation and serum ferritin were measured at the commencement of the study 20 weeks of pregnancy and subsequently at 20 30 weeks and 30 40 weeks. 73 of the iron bisglycinate chelate consuming group and 35 of the ferrous sulfate consuming group were considered to have taken the treatment adequately ingestion for 8805 13 weeks was considered adequate . The results demonstrated that reduction in levels of all the measured parameters was remarkably less pronounced in the group that consumed iron bisglycinate chelate. Iron depletion was seen in 30.8 and 54.5 of women treated with iron bisglycinate chelate and ferrous sulfate respectively. Of the factors responsible for non compliance taste was reported in 29.8 of the patients who had taken ferrous sulfate while none by those who had consumed iron bisglycinate chelate. It was thus concluded that daily supplementation with iron bisglycinate chelate is significantly more effective than ferrous sulfate in this set of patients.

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