Global Task Force on Cholera Control commits to reduce cholera deaths by 90% by 2030


eMediNexus    08 October 2017

The Global Task Force on Cholera Control GTFCC a diverse network of more than 50 UN and international agencies academic institutions and NGOs has devised a new strategy to reduce deaths from cholera by 90 by 2030. The GTFCC s new plan Ending Cholera A Global Roadmap to 2030 recognizes that cholera spreads in endemic hotspots where predictable outbreaks of the disease occur year after year. By implementing the Roadmap up to 20 affected countries could eliminate cholera by 2030. The new plan focuses on Early detection and quick response to contain outbreaks at an early stage A multisectoral approach to prevent cholera in hotspots in endemic countries including improved water sanitation and hygiene WASH and through use of oral cholera vaccines OCV An effective mechanism of coordination for technical support resource mobilization and partnership at local and global level with the GTFCC providing a strong framework to support countries in intensifying efforts to control cholera. WHO October 3 2017 .

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