Exploring the Diabetic Gastroparesis Patient Experience.


eMediNexus    04 November 2017

A new study published in Advances in Therapy aimed to improve the understanding of diabetic gastroparesis DGP patient experience and inform patient reported outcome measurement strategy for future trials in DGP. This study entailed qualitative interviews with participants in a phase 2 clinical trial of a novel DGP treatment. Trial participants were invited to participate in interviews at both pretreatment visit PTV and end of treatment visit EOTV . PTV interviews focused on patients DGP symptoms and the impact of DGP on their lives while EOTV interviews focused on any symptom changes experienced during the trial. The findings showed that bloating stomach fullness upper abdominal pain vomiting constipation and heartburn or reflux were each reported spontaneously by a majority of 73 PTV interview participants with evaluable data. Among these 20 patients reported bloating 12 reported upper abdominal pain whereas 11 reported nausea as their most bothersome DGP symptom. On the other hand of 51 EOTV interview participants 44 86.3 reported improvement in at least one DGP symptom either spontaneously or when asked about specific symptoms reported during their PTV interview. Hence it was inferred that bloating abdominal pain nausea constipation stomach fullness vomiting and heartburn were frequently reported by DGP patients as the most bothersome and important to treat symptoms.1 Reference 1. Ervin C Reasner D Hanlon J Fehnel S. Exploring the Diabetic Gastroparesis Patient Experience Patient Exit Interviews. Advances in Therapy. 2017. doi 10.1007 s12325 017 0632 6.

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