AHA Five tips to eat smart


eMediNexus    05 November 2017

As part of its campaign Healthy for Good the American Heart Association AHA has designated November as Eat Smart Month and issued five tips on October 31 2017 to eat smart during the holidays. 1. Spice it up A new study found that people who enjoy spicy foods eat less salt and have lower blood pressure 2. Add color. From red apples to orange pumpkins or green pears adding just one cup of fruits and vegetables a day is a significant step toward a more vibrant life. 3. Pre game It s easy to overeat or munch on snacks while in social settings. To help resist temptation eat a healthy snack or meal before heading out. 4. Mini mize Practice moderation not deprivation. Opt for a small plate help yourself to a smaller portion or ask for a to go box in advance and place half your order out of sight in the container. 5. Slow down Slow your pace by setting down your fork between bites taking frequent drinks of water and pausing to talk with friends and family.

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