Azilsartan for BP reduction: Meta-analysis of RCTs


eMediNexus    06 November 2017

A meta analysis of randomized controlled trials of azilsartan for the reduction of blood pressure BP in patients with hypertension was published in the journal Hypertension Research. Researchers searched MEDLINE EMBASE and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials right from the outset of the records up to March 2013 using web based search engines PubMed and OVID . Prospective randomized controlled trials of azilsartan including azilsartan medoxomil vs. any control therapy reporting clinic or 24 h mean BP as an outcome were eligible for the analysis. Data for the change from baseline to final clinic systolic SBP as well as diastolic BP DBP in both the azilsartan and the control groups were used to generate mean differences and 95 confidence intervals CIs . Of 27 potentially relevant articles 7 reports of randomized trials with a total of 6152 patients with hypertension were identified and included. Pooled analysis revealed a significant reduction in BP among patients randomized to 40 8201 mg of azilsartan vs. control therapy clinic SBP 4.20 8201 mm 8201 Hg 95 CI 6.05 to 2.35 8201 mm 8201 Hg clinic DBP 2.58 8201 mm 8201 Hg 95 CI 3.69 to 1.48 8201 mm 8201 Hg 24 h mean SBP 3.33 8201 mm 8201 Hg 95 CI 4.74 to 1.93 8201 mm 8201 Hg 24 h mean DBP 2.12 8201 mm 8201 Hg 95 CI 2.74 to 1.49 8201 mm 8201 Hg . Azilsartan therapy was found to yield a greater reduction in BP than control therapy in patients with hypertension.

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