Chronic kidney disease in low-income to middle-income countries.


eMediNexus    06 November 2017

A recent study published in the BMJ Global Health critically assessed existent literature on chronic kidney disease CKD screening in low income to middle income countries. This study entailed a PubMed search through September 2016 for studies on CKD screening in low income to middle income countries. The findings suggested that low income to middle income countries are ill equipped to deal with the devastating consequences of CKD particularly the late stages of the disease. It was reported that there are acceptable and relatively simple tools that can aid CKD screening in these countries. Screening should primarily include high risk individuals those with hypertension type 2 diabetes HIV infection or aged 60 years but also extend to those with suboptimal levels of risk e.g. prediabetes and prehypertension . It was stated that since screening for hypertension type 2 diabetes and HIV infection is already included in clinical practice guidelines in resource poor settings it is feasible to couple this with simple CKD screening tests. Effective implementation of CKD screening remains a challenge and the cost effectiveness of such an undertaking largely remains to be explored. It was concluded that screening for CKD should be a policy priority in low income to middle income countries as early intervention has the probability to be effective in reducing the high burden of morbidity and mortality from CKD. Furthermore this strategy would help health systems to achieve cost effective prevention.

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