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Ten points every doctor should know about TB

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  1. Resistant TB can be MDR TB (2% of new TB cases) or XDR TB (Resistance to 2 groups of drugs)
  2. GTN: GeneXpert test for primary diagnosis of Rifampicin resistance, notify ( suspect or confirmed, sputum positive or negative) all TB cases at Nikshay and Trace ( near exposed ones) and Treat ( daily regimen, 4 drugs 2 months and 3 drugs 4 months) all contacts.
  3. Don’t ignore fever and cough of more than 2 weeks duration.
  4. Get 2 sputum examination to rule out TB (stat and nearly morning).
  5. Rule out HIV and Diabetes Mellitus in every case of TB.
  6. Use 2 type of masks, N 95 (for doctor) and surgical mask (for patients) for prevention.
  7. Patient rights: To get free diagnostics and free drugs from the government.
  8. Take 2 weeks precautions if AFB is positive (bury or burn infected sputum).
  9. Not notifying TB is a crime under 2 clauses of MCI (5.2 and 7.14).
  10. Think before you misuse two tests: ELIESA (banned) and Gold Interferon (rarely needed).
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