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eMediNexus, 18-06-2021
Mild Symptoms of Novel coronavirus are: ...MORE
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eMediNexus, 09-10-2018
An increase in which of the following parameters will shift the oxygen dissociation curve to the left. ...MORE
30 Answers

eMediNexus, 21-09-2018
Presence of food might be expected to interfere with drug absorption by slowing gastric emptying, or by altering the degree of ionization of the drug in the stomach. Which of the following statements is not a correct exa ...MORE
65 Answers

eMediNexus, 02-09-2018
The following separation technique depends on the molecular size of the protein: ...MORE
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eMediNexus, 20-08-2018
Burtonian line is seen with poisoning of ...MORE
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eMediNexus, 12-08-2018
The extent to which ionization of a drug takes place is dependent upon pKa of the drug and the pH of the solution in which the drug is dissolved. Which of the following statements is not correct? ...MORE
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