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A Case of tinea corporis treated with Luliconazole
, 13 August 2021
Tinea are superficial fungal infections usually triggered by dermatophytes The present unusual case describes the involvement of N gypsea in chronic tinea corporis Tinea corporis is a s ...MORE
Anesthetic management of cystic hygroma of tongue in a child
, 11 August 2021
#General Surgery
A three-year-old 11 kg child with continuous salivary drooling swallowing difficulty and poor speech had a 5 times 6 times 10 cm congenital cystic hygroma of tongue which prevented ...MORE
Nasal Congestion in a Child
, 10 August 2021
An eight-year-old boy was brought to a physician with nasal congestion itching rhinorrhea and sneezing along with coughing and hoarseness of voice after eating fruits and vegetables Hi ...MORE
Role of Ciclopirox Olamine against Vulvovaginal Candidosis in Pregnant Women
, 05 August 2021
Vulvovaginal candidiasis VVC is the foremost common causes of vulvovaginal itching and discharge It is an infection of the vestibulum and estrogenised vagina which may also reach the ou ...MORE
Acute Renal Failure and Silent Myocardial Infarction Following Multiple Honey Bee Stings
, 03 August 2021
#Hospital Medicine #Internal Medicine #Pediatrics
AbstractMassive envenomation by honey bee sting is capable of causing multiorgan dysfunction as a result of direct toxic effect of veno ...MORE
Successful treatment of widespread, hyperkeratotic skin lesions with topical tretinoin 0.05%
eMediNexus, 30 July 2021
A report describes a case of a 23-year-old female who had widespread skin lesions present since the age of 2 5 years She gave a history of developing a brown macular lesion on her right ...MORE